About Us

laptop not working

Having a bad day with your laptop, is it freezing, unresponsive or running slow, maybe you have an annoying virus? Got an assignment due in an hour and your data just got corrupted? Did you crack your Apple ipad screen, or have you  just stumbled in early hours of the morning and tripped on your charging cable ripping the DC Jack out and are completely freaking out right now? Need an upgrade but can’t afford a new device or may be your gaming console just died on you. Now, we understand that you can’t do a day without your trusted gadgets, more faithful than the old faithful and as unpredictable as the weather. Worry no more DSU Tech have solutions for all your computing, gadget-ing and electronic needs. Whether it’s your laptop, Apple Mac, games console or mobile phone that needs to be fixed, rest assured you do not need to leave the campus. Our repair workshop DSU Tech is based on the first floor in the students union building at the De Montfort University Leicester, we aim to be your one stop solution to your computing needs.

Our diversified repair services extend to data recovery, component level repair to laptop motherboards, games console upgrades and repairs, popular smart phone repairs including the iphone series. We offer urgent repair services for both Laptop & PC and for anything and everything from gaming console repairs including Sony PS3, PS4, Microsoft Xbox and even Xbox One! When a man’s gotta play, he’s gotta play!

We are also specialist computer builders, we can build gaming pc’s to your exact specification, to your budget or specialist heavy duty systems required for your design degree. Come and chat with us let us build your dream pc.

Our team include both Microsoft and Cisco qualified engineers and have years of experience engineered around the needs for students. We understand the urgency, the addiction, the need, the dependence on your gadgets and we also understand that you have a budget to live on.

Finally if there’s  anything we can help you with please pop over and see us, also bear in mind parents friends and family or anyone else requiring our services are most welcome. Don’t be shy we won’t baffle you with science we speak your language!