Alienware 18. Is it worth?

What do you get when you put the best of everything into a notebook? The Alienware 18.

Packing the newest and most powerful Intel Core i7 processor, the newest and most powerful Nvidia GPUs — two, for good measure — as well as 32GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD, this 18-inch system simply crushes all before it. However, it will also crush your bank account, as this configuration costs a cool $4,399 (although it starts at a more reasonable $2,099). Is it worth the investment? Absolutely.

After using the same design for the past few years, Alienware decided to overhaul the look of its notebooks. Called the Epic design, it retains the company’s distinctive brand identity, but looks a bit fresher.

Gone is the black, soft-touch lid, in favor of a silver-colored anodized aluminum. Two light bars extend diagonally from the lower corners toward the middle of the lid, with a glowing alien head at the top middle.

The front edge is wider at the top and narrower at the base — the reverse of the previous Alienwares. We’re not sure if we like this aspect of the new design, as the front edge of the keyboard deck is now sharper, which dug into our wrists a little. However, we like the black, soft-touch material that coats the deck.

Instead of two alien-eyelike lighting zones, there are now two thin light bars that start on the front edge, just below the speaker grilles, and extend around both sides. It’s more subtle and sleeker than before, but still makes this notebook pop.

Massive vents on the bottom and rear of the system help keep the Alienware 18 cool during extended gaming sessions.

For the same price as the $4,399 Alienware 18, you could buy 63 Amazon Kindles, 22 Google Nexus 7s or a brand-new Honda CBR250R motorcycle, and still have money left over. Or, you could buy the most powerful gaming rig we’ve yet seen, with dual Nvidia cards, a quad-core Intel 4th-generation processor and a blazing 512GB SSD. And that’s on top of the massive, gorgeous chassis and display, and wicked lighting effects. The Alienware 18 demonstrates all that is possible for a gaming laptop.

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