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How you can delete all your cookies automatically when you close the browser
If you really want to delete your cookies when you are done with your browsing settings and don’t want to forget about it even once, then you need to make things work automatically. Deleting cookies is very important in order to stop online tracking companies from tracking you when you are done with browsing. Though the companies will still be able to track you when you will be using your browser to browse the internet, but if all cookies are deleted when closing browser, they won’t be able to track after closing the browser. So you always need to delete cookies before closing browser in order to make sure they don’t track you. But deleting cookies every time is quite hard and you might even forget to do it. So you need to make it automatic in order to delete the cookies without having to worry about anything. With some simple steps you can easily set your browser to delete cookies whenever you close it.
Though it is not the perfect way to stop those trackers, but still it is something, and at least makes their work less consistent. Additionally, you will also need to log into services like Gmail, Facebook every time you start your browser. Here is how you can automatically delete cookies when closing the browser in Chrome and Firefox.
Go to Chrome Menu on the upper right hand side and there click on settings. In settings, click on advanced settings and then privacy, their click on content settings. A new window will open where you can select ‘Keep local data only until you quit your browser’ and press done. You are ready to go!
Open Menu on the upper right hand side and select options. And in there, click on the Privacy Tab, after that click on Drop down menu near ‘Firefox will’ and click on ‘Use custom settings for history’. There you need to click on drop down menu near “keep until” and select ‘close Firefox’ there. This should it.

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