Technicians working on electronics or motherboard

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PC or Laptop £199

Apple Mac £249

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What’s included?

  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Unlimited remote access support
  • Inclusive in house labour
  • Inclusive Live Drive unlimited cloud backup (value £29.99)
  • Inclusive Bullguard internet security (12 months for PC)
  • Inclusive Bitdefender internet security (12 months for Apple Mac)
  • Priority service included
  • Discount on Data recovery

Repairs include:

  • Malware & Virus removal
  • Windows and Mac OSX Start-up issues
  • Blue screen issues
  • Operating system issues including re-installations
  • Overheating issues
  • DLL issues
  • Dropped internet issues
  • Sound & Vision issues
  • Missing driver issues
  • Charging issues
  • Repair to broken hinges & plastics

Terms & conditions

Parts not included

Virus & Malware issues only covered if supplied internet security package installed

Client data backup of documents, pictures email etc., remains the responsibility of the client. Whilst we will always try to secure client data when effecting repairs we cannot be held responsible for data loss or consequential loss

Membership can be used 7 days after purchase

Re installation of Windows only possible if genuine COA license attached

We cannot guarantee to repair software issues that are non-genuine or cracked

We do not support:

Printers (other than software issues), Windows NT / 2000 / ME /95 or 98

Repair & support subject to fair use policy

Only registered device will be covered, if new device is added the 7 day rule will apply

These T& C’s are not an exhaustive list – situations not covered or foreseen are subject to discussion and reasonably mutual agreement