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How to improve your broadband speed.

There are several ways in which you can improve your broadband speed and make your wifi signal better in all areas of your house. Before following any of the steps you should test your current wifi speed with a checker such as speedtest.net.


Is your wifi protected?

If your wifi does not have a password this means that anyone can use it at any point and cause your speeds to drop. It is likely that you already are password protected because the average supplier will automatically provide you with a password. However if this isn’t the case you can set your own by: Typing your IP address into your browser. This number will be on your router. Then you will need to log in, again the username and password will be on your router. Now you can go into your settings and apply a password.

Router location:

It could be just as simple as moving your router. If your router is in a small room or surrounded by lots of walls this will cause you to get slow speeds. The best option is to centralize your router somewhere such as the top of the stairs. Another problem could be things like baby monitors, these can cause a massive interference to your broadband and should be moved away from the router. Also never put your router inside of a cupboard or drawer as this will make it worse than before.

Computer applications:

There could be applications running on your computer that you don’t know about. These will use up and your internet speed without you knowing. The easiest way to check is to press CTRL + ALT + DEL and open up task manager. This will give you a list of all the current tasks running and allow you to close the ones you are not using. This should increase your wifi speed. You could also clear your browser history and delete old unwanted files to further improve.

Network extender/powerline adapter:

These will boost or relay your internet connection between rooms. Some houses tend to have one or two rooms with a bad connection and the rest are fine. This could solve this problem and boost your connection in all rooms.


If all of these fail it could be down to your broadband provider. You can try changing your broadband package or changing provider. Also if it is available in your area fibre optic broadband will be the fastest you could get and greatly increase your wifi speed.

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