How to make a strong password

We use passwords to keep our personal information secure. With the technology of today more and more personal information is being stored on hard drives and online the importance of strong passwords has never been greater. Ask yourself, why bother using a password at all if another person is able to crack it? This is what you are leaving yourself vulnerable to when you use a weak password.

So what is a weak password?

  • One which is under 7 characters long
  • Is a word which can be found in the dictionary
  • Includes only lowercase letters
  • No numbers of special characters used
  • Also repeats the same patterns such as 121212

There are steps you can take to ensure your password is strong.

  1. Include the use of both lowercase and uppercase letters
  2. Include numbers
  3. Use special symbols (*@$~!?)
  4. Use more than 7 characters
  5. Update your password every 90 days
  6. Do not use the names of family members or pets or significant dates such as birthdays or anniversaries


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