A laptop cooling board.

How to prevent laptop overheating.


One of the most common problems with laptops is overheating. Laptops despite their name are not supposed to go on your lap. Most laptops have their fans and vents on the bottom therefore placing them on your lap will block any airflow through the system causing it to overheat. It should not overheat on a hard surface because generally they come with rubber pads to slightly raise it from the table allowing sufficient airflow keeping the system cool. If your laptop is suffering from overheating the answer could be as easy as only using it on a hard surface and not you lap or bed.

If you want to be using your laptop on the go and do not have a hard surface to use you could purchase a cooling board. This is a simple board that goes on your lap or non hard surface and raises the laptop allowing a good flow of air and keeping it from overheating.

Some other cooling boards come with fans that blow cool air into the system and other thermal pads come as a soft surface but they have specially designed crystals inside to direct the heat away from the system.

Another problem could be the battery. Batteries aren’t designed to be stored at 100% so if you keep your laptop plugged in at all times when using it you could be damaging your battery. A bad battery might not fail right away and can start generating a lot of heat.

An overheating laptop can cause t to automatically shut-down. It will do this to protect the other components so you notice your laptop is really hot and then it shuts down it is advised to leave it too cool down before you turn it back on. Then you should try to find the source of the overheat to prevent any future damage.

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