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How to speed up your computer/laptop.



Is your computer or laptop running slower than it should be? This can be frustrating however it doesn’t mean you need to replace your pc. Here are a few ways you can speed up the general use of your computer/laptop.

1: Check your broadband, it needs to be said that sometimes your computer might be running fine and it is only the internet speeds that are a problem. You can find a broadband speed checker on the internet to determine whether it is the broadband connection that is the problem.

2: Is you computer/laptop infected with a virus? This could be a cause of a slow running system and is easily fixed. You should use your antivirus to scan and clean your system of any infection and see if this speeds things up.

3: If the problem has still not been solved then it is probably running slow due to wear and tear. General use will eventually slow your computer or laptop down because of a build of saved pictures, videos and folders. To speed this up you can check through and delete what is no longer wanted. If this isn’t an option you can go into ‘Add or remove programs’ in the ‘control panel’ and remove any programs that are never used.

4: After removing a bunch of programs the next step to improving the speed of your computer is to run disk defragmentation. This cleans up and optimises your disk drive.

5: If you have an old computer it is a last resort but you may have to re-install windows or factory restore your system. This isn’t advised because it will cause all data and programs to be lost.

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