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Increase your battery life.


Keep finding yourself in that position where your battery life is running low and you are stuck in class or a meeting or on the road and you left your charger at home? Learn some simple tips and tricks on how to increase the duration of your battery.

Screen and backlight:

Unless you are in dark and need the backlight to see what keys need to be pressed, you should turn this off. This will be taking up a lot of power that could give you more time doing what needs to be done if switched off. As for the screen, simply lower the brightness and lower the screen resolution.  Doing so will give you that extra stretch in battery you may need.

Running applications:

You laptop will generally run applications in the background without you even know. This could be greatly eating at you battery life and can be stopped by going into task manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL) and closing any applications that are not in use or needed. Also any applications that you know are running such as spotify should be shut down to further improve your battery. Try and stop multitasking and work on one thing at a time. Doing things one at a time in priority order will allow you to do more than having all the things you need open at once and only using the one application.

Helpful tips and tricks:

A few more simple ways to reduce power drain and save you battery include headphones. Turn off your speakers and play all sound on really low through your headphones. For even better results turn of the sound completely and go without sound.

If it is not urgently needed, turn off your wifi. This will be using a high percentage of you battery so it is advised to switch it off. If it is needed you could try turning airplane mode on whilst you are typing then back off when you need to use the internet again.

Simplify your processes. Running all of the latest applications with better tools might not be needed. It is advised to use older ones of possible. For example other than using Microsoft word, you could use something as simple as WordPad and go without the spell checker and save that little extra life you may be needing.

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