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Internet security

The main aim of an internet security program to detect or remove any threats and therefore keep your computer/laptops health in top condition. Firstly how can you keep your computer or laptop safe from things such as spyware, malware and viruses? And what is a internet security program and what will it provide?

Internet security is a very important aspect of keeping your computer or laptop. A standard antivirus will generally include real time protection from viruses, spyware and malware, Safe browsing features and a spam filter. A good internet security system will include a vulnerability scanner (This scans your computer or laptop for potential threats that may already be active and removes them).

It also includes a firewall which is a necessary filter that checks all incoming and outgoing data for threats. Some extra features that are useful in internet security include parental control features, these allow you to monitor and block areas of the internet to give you peace of mind. One last thing that is important to you and your computer is online backup.

This is important because hard drives can be subject to failure and this could cause loss of data. Online backup can save this hassle because it is a cloud where you can save important data or files online as an alternative to saving it to you hard drive. This means saving the risk of data loss, and freeing up space on your hard drive for other less important data.

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