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Is your laptop charger safe?

Laptops truly are a students best friend . However what happens when the battery runs out and your charger has failed . Would resort to buying a cheap replacement charger off eBay none the wiser of the dangers it poses?

Sites like eBay and Amazon offer a wide choice of chargers at an assortment of prices . However many find that those purchased are fake and can fail in dramatic ways. Reports of them causing burns to both people and furniture , melting into the charging socket and sometimes even sparking out or exploding r are rife and certainly not worth the risk to yourself or your laptop.

These chargers do not meet the UK safety regulations and their poor quality components are a danger to both yourself and others.

Make sure when you buy a new charger it’s from reputable retailer and watch out for tell-tell sings of it being fake such as :

  • Lighter in weight
  • Lose cables
  • Components shaking internally
  • It has no CE Mark
  • It’s difficult to plug in

For more advice or if you need any help purchasing a new charger then pop into DSU Tech today and we can help you find the right charger for your laptop.




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