Gaming computer picture.

Specialist computer.

When buying a computer it is important to decide what it is exactly you are looking for. Are you looking for business, general home use, student learning or gaming? If you are looking for a computer to use for the 1st three a standard computer or laptop should work fine. Other than knowing how much […]

A buffering,Loading laptop.

How to speed up your computer/laptop.

    Is your computer or laptop running slower than it should be? This can be frustrating however it doesn’t mean you need to replace your pc. Here are a few ways you can speed up the general use of your computer/laptop. 1: Check your broadband, it needs to be said that sometimes your computer […]

A laptop cooling board.

How to prevent laptop overheating.

  One of the most common problems with laptops is overheating. Laptops despite their name are not supposed to go on your lap. Most laptops have their fans and vents on the bottom therefore placing them on your lap will block any airflow through the system causing it to overheat. It should not overheat on […]

BullGuard image internet security

Internet security

The main aim of an internet security program to detect or remove any threats and therefore keep your computer/laptops health in top condition. Firstly how can you keep your computer or laptop safe from things such as spyware, malware and viruses? And what is a internet security program and what will it provide? Internet security […]

danger charger

Is your laptop charger safe?

Laptops truly are a students best friend . However what happens when the battery runs out and your charger has failed . Would resort to buying a cheap replacement charger off eBay none the wiser of the dangers it poses? Sites like eBay and Amazon offer a wide choice of chargers at an assortment of […]