Fifa or maybe Call of Duty your passion, games console packed in?

We are experts in console repair. Xbox Red ring of death or Play station Yellow light of death we can fix them.
Let us take a look at your broken console, we have completed repairs from the very first play station up to the latest PS4 consoles.

Repairs including:


  • Not reading disks
  • No Power
  • No internet connection
  • Broken USB or HDMi sockets
  • YLOD ( Yellow light of death PS3 / PS4 )
  • RROD ( red ring of death Xbox consoles)
  • No picture / display issues
  • Blue ray laser replacements
  • Game not ejecting or optical drive issues
  • E73 / E74 issues
  • Game freezing while playing
  • Bluetooth or WiFi issues
  • Power jack issues
  • Hard drive issues including replacement and upgrades
  • Firmware issues including reload