Iphone 6s image.

The new iphone 6s.

  64-Bit A9 chip: The new iphone 6s comes with the all new and more powerful 64-bit A9 chip to deliver a greater performance that was originally found in desktop computers. This will give you an amazing 70% CPU performance and an even better 90% extra GPU performance. 4G LTE: The iphone 6s also comes […]

iPhone 6S or 7: ‘weaker battery

Anyone hoping for a more powerful battery for the new iPhone 6S or 7 looks set to be disappointed. Apple’s new smartphone, expected to be called either the iPhone 6S or iPhone 7, will have more than 5 per cent less battery power than its predecessor, according to reports from component makers in China. And […]

Iphone 7 Coming Out!

IT MAY STILL be weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped the rumour mill churning out speculation about Apple’s next-generation iPhone, set to arrive as the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 6S Here, we round up everything we know about the so-called iPhone 7 so-far, including specs, price and release date. Keep this page bookmarked, as […]

Iphone 6 Battery Life

If your iPhone 6 battery life is bad and you find yourself in need of an iPhone 6 battery case just to get through the day, you’ll appreciate a major iPhone 6 battery life upgrade coming with the new version of iOS later this year. Apple isn’t including this in iOS 8.4, but with iOS […]