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Specialist computer.

When buying a computer it is important to decide what it is exactly you are looking for. Are you looking for business, general home use, student learning or gaming? If you are looking for a computer to use for the 1st three a standard computer or laptop should work fine. Other than knowing how much hard drive space you will need to save your files. You shouldn’t need any other specialist parts.




When looking to buy a computer for gaming there are a lot of aspects to take in mind. The main two parts to consider when getting a computer for gaming are the graphics card and processor. These will determine the speed/Fps (Frames per second) and graphics quality you will be able to run games at. Speed is very important when buying a gaming laptop. The main things to consider are:


This is important as you probably will know how much you are willing to spend. The budget will determine what parts you will be getting and therefore choosing how well the computer you get will be.

Games you play:

What games do you play? If you play more simplistic turn based games then you will be looking for a computer with a faster CPU. This will increase the speed of general play and make your gaming life easier. If you play 1st person shooters graphics is the main focus you will need to take.


When looking for a high end gaming computer, a common mistake is choosing all the latest and best parts. A 6 core CPU is great for gaming but is it needed? No. A quad core will do just fine for everything you need.

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