The hard drive is where most memory is saved. It is a magnetic coated spinning plate with a head that will read or write your data from the hard drive. A SSD will do the same job but it saves your data onto flash drives instead of a spinning plate.

The advantage of having a HDD is that it can have a lot more storage space than an SSD will have. For example a HDD can have up to 4TB of space but a SSD will max at around 1TB. Another advantage of the HDD is that it is much cheaper per GB of space. A 1Tb HDD will cost you around £40. A 1Tb SSD will cost you around £240. So why does a SSD cost considerably more?

SSD’s are much faster than HDD’s. A HDD will need to build up spinning speed when turned on and loading up applications and such. However a SSD will have no moving parts and therefore can always be at a faster speed than a HDD. A SSD can boot a pc in seconds, but a HDD will take time to start up. Also the fact that a HDD has rapidly spinning moving plates means it has a much higher chance of failure meaning you could be at risk of losing your data. Any big knocks to your pc or laptop and there is a chance it could break. SSD’s are much safer than typical HDD’s.

When it comes down to choosing what one is best for you, you will need to consider if you are looking for capacity or cheap cost? If so then a HDD is best for you. If however you are looking for speed and durability then a SSD is the way to go.


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