Iphone 6s image.

The new iphone 6s.


64-Bit A9 chip:

The new iphone 6s comes with the all new and more powerful 64-bit A9 chip to deliver a greater performance that was originally found in desktop computers. This will give you an amazing 70% CPU performance and an even better 90% extra GPU performance.


The iphone 6s also comes with the brand new 4G LTE that can perform at double the speed as the previous iphone. This double speed will come whilst browsing the web and in app.


It will also come with the best security features yet; it has a advanced fingertip sensor that is faster than ever before. This will keep your phone secure and easy to unlock. And it will also allow the use of apple pay at hundreds of thousands of shops.

Apple pay:

This is the safest way to pay as it means no longer sharing your information when paying, and your information isn’t even stored on the device making it safer than ever. It is also faster because you will no longer need to type information. So how will you pay? With 1 touch apple ID. It takes your fingerprint and matches it to you account making payments faster and safer as ever before. What will happen if you loose or your device is stolen? You can log into icloud and set your device to a lost mode that will suspend any actions made.


You can pre-order the iphone 6s as of the 12th September 2015 for prices starting at £539.00.


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