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Tips and tricks while on the internet.

There are a few ways in which you can improve your efficiency when online; here are some simple tips and tricks.

When searching online for something specific you can use quotation marks to improve the search method the internet will take. For example if searching Computer repair shops, your search engine could give you options for computer, repair and shop rather than grouping these words and directly searching for them. If you were to search “Computer repair shops” it will search for pages that include this specific phrase to get you what you need.

Knowing some simple shortcuts can save you some time when searching the internet.

  1. ALT + D or Ctrl + L will move the cursor into the address bar.
  2. Hold Ctrl and either + or – to increase text size. Pressing Ctrl and 0 will reset the size.
  3. Backspace or ALT + Left arrow will go back a internet page.
  4. F5 or Ctrl + R Will refresh your page.
  5. F11 will put you into full screen mode. Also press f11 to undo this feature.
  6. Ctrl + B will open your bookmarks.
  7. Ctrl + D will open your favourites.
  8. Ctrl + F Will open a find search bar that will search for specific words within the text you are reading.
  9. TAB key will hop the curser between search fields. Useful for when filling out application forms because it will drop the curser between each tab really fast and easily.

http://www.  This is unnecessary when browsing the internet, you can just search what you want in the address bar with .com at the end and you will get what you need.

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